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Commander's Report
Daniel Rivas

Hello Mission Support,

Today humans walk on Mars again. Jibaja, Postigo, Castillo and I take a trekking for 40 minutes, while Cruz and Gora stayed at the station maintaining the communication with us. We performed indications testing. During the trekking there was not inconvenient, except slips because of the wet ground and ice.

The EVA's suit is a bit uncomfortable. The helmet force to tilt the head forward to avoid hitting. Furthermore, the suit can not perform the movement of joints adequately, but it is only a matter of habit.

The environment conspired to make us believe that we were really on mars, if the helmet was polarized in ocher color, the sky would seems more to Mars. The airflow in the helmet is minimal for situations of agitation, for example when you are climbing a hill. I do not know if it is a matter of habit or design.

On the other hand, Postigo saw the propane and water levels, Gora had found a bluetooth online to use in his project, Jibaja inspected how her sweet potatoes are growing. I finished the reduction voltage system for my project, I have to adapt it to the exoskeleton. Tomorrow I will go on a EVA motorized, to define the places where I will test the Felines Gripping prototype.

Yesterday at night, we defined a daily schedule which I am attaching to this email.

Finally, we lunched spaghetti and we continue mixing products which we can find in the kitchen. Nothing recommended today.

There was only one incident today. I turn on the switch to fill the water tank placed on the second floor, but I forgot it because I was doing my project. Fortunately I was able to realize in time that water had begun to spill over. There was not a considerably damage. I think that the tank must have a system (I have designed a pair of mechanisms) which detects that the water has already reached a certain level to turn off the switch.

Coming up I will be attaching images of projects we are designing and having in mind.

Best regards!