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Engineering Report: Sergio Postigo
February 24, 2015

Diesel 25%
Propane 74%
ATV Gasoline: 7 gallons
Trailer tank: 55 cm from top
Static tank: 30 cm from top
Trailer to static pump used: no
Water loft: 50 gallons
Static to Loft pump used: yes
Water Meter Gallons: 92723,3

- On backup generator.

- Internet is via direct connection only.

- No HALpr

No news about the rat, anyway the plants are safe.

Today I saw DG working at the generator room while I was taking some measures. I guess he was repairing the main generator. Tomorrow I'll go to take a look in there. 

I would also like to build some kind of stairs for the rooms (3 of them), it would be easier to climb the beds. It is possible to use the wood near the generators?