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Engineering Report: Sergio Postigo
February 27, 2015

Diesel 20%
Propane 70%
ATV Gasoline: 5 gallons
Trailer tank: 100 cm from top (almost empty)
Static tank: Full 
Trailer to static pump used: yes
Water loft: 45 gallons
Static to Loft pump used: yes
Water Meter Gallons: 92968,4

- On main generator.

- Internet is via direct connection only.

- No HALpr

Today I was thinking in which kind of substance could avoid the fogging of helmets. So, we prove if shaving foam work and it did!  The procedure is simple, you spread a little shaving foam inside the helmet and it's ready to use. You will have no problems with fogging for several hours. Anyway, we don't have a lot and our beards are growing up. But we have a new method and it would be great if the next crews bring an extra shaving foam with them.