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Journalist Report 
Olenka Jibaja Valderrama 

Hello Mission Support: 

When I came here knowing that I was the only woman in the crew, I thought that I would be in charge of preparing meals most of the time. I was definitely wrong. Today Sergio Postigo, our Crew Engineer, surprised us with spaghetti once again. I love Italian food, so I really enjoyed lunch. 

We didn’t conduct any EVA today, but there were important advances in everybody’s projects here in the station. Daniel Rivas worked hard early in the morning redesigning the structure of his exoskeleton. He also energized the main circuit with the gel battery to try if the voltage redactor was working as he expected. He also designed a system for the headphones we use on EVAs as they usually fall from our ears when we are walking or climbing. Luis Castillo and Sergio Postigo improved the system they use for their project, adding a structure for an easier transportation of it. Romulo Cruz has analyzed the samples of soil he got, by the determination of pH. I cultivated radish plants in the Green Hab apart to the sweetpotato plants, in order to evaluate if its production is possible under martian conditions. Jim Gora rested today, as he was feeling sick. 

Tonight we were planning to join and talk about alternatives for the generation of energy in the Hab. 

Attached are a few photos from today. 

Best regards, 

Olenka Jibaja