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Commander’s Report 
Daniel Rivas 

Hello Mission Support, 

Today we were building the renewable energy generator, which consist of a hot water conduct inside a tube filled with melted Nutella. The idea is that the hot water flow (dynamic) heat up the Nutella (static), so in the moment when the Nutella change its phase from colloid to liquid, it will transmit heat. We are thinking to use in the real life, glicerin instead of Nutella. We are analyzing how will be the structure of our thermodynamic system. Our Journalist will be sending you some photos about that in her report. So, we have been working on that all the afternoon. 

Apart of our daily schedule about our projects and life routine, we have a schedule for cleaning the Hab. We are divided in two teams, so, in the morning one team was cooking and the other one was cleaning the first and second floor of the Hab. We have to put aside our projects for today. Tomorrow we will finish the generator model and work on our personal projects. 

Then, the last night we had some problems with the main door of the Hab. There were strong winds and the door was opening all the time, I had to attach an extreme of a rope to the handle door and the other extreme to a furniture in the EVA’s room to avoid open from time to time.

Now outside is great, the sky has a cobalt color, and the moonlight illuminate the hills around us. You can see some stars and the moon; clouds seem to be hanged of the sky with an incredible tridimensionality. I was not smoking anything, you have to see it to believe. 

Best Regards!