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Engineering Report: Sergio Postigo

March 3, 2015

Diesel 17%
Propane 67%
ATV Gasoline: 3 gallons
Trailer tank: Empty
Static tank: 43 cm from top
Trailer to static pump used: no
Water loft: 50 gallons
Static to Loft pump used: yes
Water Meter Gallons: 93281,6

- On main generator.

- Internet is via direct connection only (But Gary has given me a protocol to repair it, tomorrow at 2 am I will follow it because of the free internet)

- No HALpr

About EVA of today:

- ATVs worked well and their tanks are full.

- Suits including backpack and helmet worked well and are fully charged now.

- Radios worked well and are fully charged.

- In general, no problems.