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Commander’s Report 
Daniel Rivas 

We have been working and listening to music inside the Hab all day. In the morning, we were working on our personal projects: 

Analyzing soil samples 
Cruz has been analyzing the PH of 20 grs. of soil samples from Morrison and Morrison Formation Brushy Member. He had obtained a PH of 8 and 7 respectively in the laboratory. 

Oxygen production 
Postigo and Castillo added to their project a temperature and humidity sensor. 

Dron Project 
Gora was working on the MatLab software, trying to find a way to obtain the relief under the shadows of the hills around the testing area. 

Planting Camotes 
Jibaja was doing her daily observations of the sweet potatoes and radish plants. She uses to measure the amount of water that this plants are absorbing during the night and how are growing the stems. 

Felines Gripping Exoskeleton 
Early, I was adjusting parameters of the electronic system which control the claws of the exoskeleton through servomotors and flex sensors. Furthermore, I had to reconsider some measuring parameters because the flex sensors are very sensible and I do not have the necessary electronics components here to work with them. 

Every time that we raise new group proposals, we gathered to talk and draw ideas about them. Nowadays, we have two proposals, one of them is the Heating System with Glycerin which we are modeling with Nutella, and the second, the new one, is a mechanism which wraps your sneakers with plastic bags when you come back from an EVA simulation (like this wraps you found in the hospitals or laboratories to avoid the contamination through your dirty shoes, but automatized). We have been divided in two teams: the first one was working on the Heating System filling the tube with the Nutella, because yesterday the internal water conduct of this project get broken; and the second team, in the wrapping mechanism. 

Later we will be sending photos and some draws about them. 

The song for today was Another Brick in the Wall, by Pink Floyd. 

Best Regards!