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Hello Mission Support,

Engineering Report: Sergio Postigo
March 4, 2015

Diesel 14%
Propane 65%
ATV Gasoline: 3 gallons
Trailer tank: Empty
Static tank: 55 cm from top
Trailer to static pump used: no
Water loft: 50 gallons
Static to Loft pump used: yes
Water Meter Gallons: 93360,7

- On main generator

- No HALpr

- It is very common to get in the Hab with the shoes full of sand aftet EVAs. So we're working now in a shoe cover dispenser. I will send photos as soon as the project is ready.

- As I commented a few days ago we still working in a warming system. I don't upload photos yet because we had some problems with the design. Anyway I'll send photos soon.