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Hello Mission Support,

Engineering Report: Sergio Postigo
March 5, 2015

Diesel 12%
Propane 64%
ATV Gasoline: 11 gallons
Trailer tank: 80 cm from top
Static tank: Full
Trailer to static pump used: yes
Water loft: 50 gallons
Static to Loft pump used: yes
Water Meter Gallons: 93472,1

- On main generator

- Internet via direct conection only

- No HALpr

- Today DG filled the trailer tank. I decided to fill completely the static tank, which was almost empty. It took half an hour but it worth it because I'll not need to fill it again in several days.

- I followed the protocol to repair internet with no results. I already commented it to Gary.

- We finished our warming system and it works!. The idea is simple: First we fill a flexible tube with nutella. We choose this food because it has a tiny heat capacity, anyway it would be ideal if we use glycerin instead of it. Then we place another tube inside the nutella tube. The second tube is for the flow of water. Then we build a mini Hab to place in the model. Both tubes are rolled inside the Hab. So, we warm water in the kitchen and then we make it flow through the water tube. After that, the water tube will  heat up the nutella tube. But because the nutella tube has a tiny heat capacity it starts to give heat to the Hab environment slowly. So, the Hab's temperature grows up. Our system would also need a pump to recirculate water and some system to warm it. We are working now in a solar energy system to warm up the water. Anyway, the idea works excellent. We are proud of it. Photos of the system are attached here and we will be sending a detailed report of data collected.

- Regarding to the shoe cover dispenser that we are building, we continue building it and everything is going well. I'll maintain you informed.