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Commander's Report
Daniel Rivas

Good night Mission Support,

There are some days when you are too far from your family and friends,
somewhere where you are having a great experience, and you start
feeling confused because you would like to come back to see them, but
at the same time, you want to stay in this strange place where you are
doing all these things you love and don’t use to do. I felt that

Planting Camotes
Jibaja was doing her daily observations of the sweet potatoes and
radish plants. She has noticed that stems are growing on the radish
planted in Dakota’s soil samples. This is not common and she did not
expect that fast results. Her efforts are giving good results and
growing like stems.

Dron Project
Gora had calibrated the parameters for the dron’s controller and he
has been searching wire connectors to be used on his project.

Analyzing soil samples
In the morning Cruz, accompanied by Castillo, went on an ATV’s Sim to
Tunuc to collect soil samples to be analyzed in the laboratory looking
for organic components. Now, he is drying this soil samples.

Felines Gripping Exoskeleton
Finally, I finished the main controller card for my project. Tomorrow
I will start to fix some
mechanical issues of the exoskeleton and then assemble the electronic
system to it. So, I will have some days to prove it and collect
necessary data.

Heating “Nutella” System
We haven’t been working on this project today, but it is ready in a
70%; the heating system is finished, so we only need to design and add
the part which will capture the heat from the sun.

The Wrapping Feet
We have some wraps (to cover shoes like you can find in the hospitals)
to do some experiments and try to solve ergonomics issues. Then, we
have been working on the external structure and the servomotor -gear
mechanism which will generate the successive colocation of every cover
in the foot automatically. Tomorrow we are expecting to finish all the
structure to start with the electronic controller.

Nothing else today, we are investing a lot of time on these crew
projects and we would like to obtain great results with them. My team
is great!

Best Regards.