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Journalist Report 
Olenka Jibaja Valder 

Yesterday I was planning to have tacos for dinner as I usually do, so I took bacon from the fridge. I opened a box and I saw the bacon had a different color, that’s why I looked for the expiration date and I found out that they have already expired. I immediately informed my Health and Safety Officer Romulo Cruz and we started checking all the products we had. We discovered that all the bacon, pepperoni, flour tortillas and m&m’s cookies expired three or four months ago. Romulo will send a detailed report with more information about this. 

Regarding to the projects, Romulo Cruz conducted an EVA today. He went to Mancos Shale to take the samples and he found a very beautiful quartz formation in a mountain on the road. He especially liked the way it reflected the sun light. He also prepared lunch with Daniel Rivas and Jim Gora. 

Luis Castillo has been reading papers during the morning, before going with Romulo Cruz to the EVA. During EVA, he found some problems during the sample taking: inexact parameters, rough soil to walk through, difficulties to handle the instruments. He related what he is reading with the necessity to simplify the job of the person in charge of taking samples and he is thinking about possible solutions. 

Jim has been adjusting parameters related to the surface relief and he is already done with the image processing and the flight controller parameters. He plans to go out and check the area in which he will fly his drone. 

Daniel stayed awake all night to finish his card and trying how it works. Everything is doing great. He has to put the card with the mechanic system in order to try it. 

Sergio Postigo, Daniel Rivas and I were involved in the construction of the model mockup of our team project. I am sending pictures so you can see how it looks like. Regarding to his personal project, the quinoa plants are growing everyday. 

Best regards, 

Olenka Jibaja Valderrama 
Journalist – Crew 150