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Commander Report
Daniel Rivas

Hello Mission Support, 

Today cooking was in charge of Gora, Cruz and I. We made Spaghetti with sausage crumbles and potatoes cream with oregano, paprika and cinnamon powder. It was an experiment and it results tasty. We were surprised.

About our projects.

Dron Project

Gora had ready the program for recognition and analysis of the relief near the Hab considering shadows because of the hills. So, with that the dron could detect a specific area to be photographed and obtain 3D images.

Separation of fractions of clays to analyse existence of organic matter

Our Crew Chemist has dried and sieved soil samples from Dakota to obtain clay fractions which will be analysed after.

Felines Gripping Exoskeleton

Finally, I have all the circuit cards ready to be used with the structure and assemble the exoskeleton and the gripping electronic system to control the metallic claws according to the pressure made between the foot and the soil and have more stability while walking over steep areas.

Wrapping Feet System

The system is ready and working! We have ended the electronic controller for the servomotor which will rotate a cog attached to its axis. The cog has held in each tooth a wrapping cover which at the same time is held on its  borders to static fasteners, so every time that the cog turn one cover is released and fastened to the foot inside. I know I am not giving a good explanation, so I will draw the project for tomorrow.

Best Regards.