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Commander Report
Daniel Rivas

Hello Mission Support,

We started the day watching Apollo 13 and Signs early in the morning; nobody wanted to go downstairs to turn off the light, so you can imagine who had to do that…

Planting Radish
Jibaja has found that radish plants are growing fast in soil samples recollected around the Hab. One of them, the most productive, has 3 stems, and the others 2 and 0 respectively. So, it´s more a probability issue than a matter of soil.

Drone Project
Gora has found a propitious place to prove his drone program, because of the shadows and sunlight over the terrain, as well as the relief for recognition and 3D image processing.

Separation of fractions of clays to analyse existence of organic matter
Along the EVA´s simulation, the crewmembers collected sedimentary rocks to be processed in the laboratory as a part of the analysis of existence of organisms on it.

Green Hab reordering
Castillo has been placing more developed plants in big pots inside the mini Green Hab. The problem is that there is not too much space for all plants, so he had to put some of them on the floor and had to redirect the light towards them.

Today, a truck with a dumpster arrived to the Station to start later with the Green Hab rebuilding and the selection of usable and unusable objects.

This is everything for today. Sometimes things are harder than you can imagine. You can have a plan but unexpected situations take part in the simulation, so you have to think how to solve your new problem. This is what makes a simulation interesting and proves you running on time.

Best Regards.