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Commander report

Mars log: 3/16/2015

Spaceship landed in Mars today. A very smooth landing, and what a beautiful view we got. It is sunny and bright- very welcoming. Our crew recorded a short video of landing to preserve it for posterity.

Prior to beginning our sim, we pre- planned for our EAV adventure. We tested our drones, identified operational range and came out with solutions for issues identified. We also set up a mock astronaut for our medical EVA plan.

Our first day on Mars was spent very well, we had our first Martian lunch and dinner today. Susan Jewell trained one of the crew members on surgical triage skills that will be used for our EAV.

Internet is back to normal and working.

Tomorrow we plan to have our first EVA.

Overall, it was a day well planned for our future Martian adventures and studies.

Mars speed to us!

Thank you,

Jyothi Nookula