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Journalist Report 03/17:

The day started with 30min of  Martian Yoga at 8am. But the calm in the HAB did not last long as the crew had to prepare to send two crew members for the first EVA of crew 151 on Mars. The crew decided to start the exploration slowly by testing some engineering projects around the Hab. As the pictures show, it was very sunny and particularly hot inside the EVA suit. Fortunately, cold water and food was waiting for the when they came back.
The crew 151 efficiency did not stop there. In the afternoon, not only another medical experiment was conducted and the Cliff Reconnaissance Vehicule was mounted but the next EVA was also prepared.

Ad Astra!

PS: We hereby certify that the picture showing the two crew members in EVA was taken by a camera on a tripod and not by a Martian.