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Another brilliant Mars Sol 3 for Crew151 and it has been a busy day. We started early with thirty minutes of yoga followed by a simple cereal breakfast. Crew members Jyothi Nookula and Susan Jewell prepared for the medical EVA which included medical triage, search and rescue of the injured astronaut. Later this week we will repeat the scenario simulation again incorporating the aerial drones.


Crew Engineer, Mehdi Scoubeau and Crew Scientist, Mohammad Iranmanesh, assembled the Cliff Reconnaissance Vehicle, CRV, equipped with built-in biosensors. It is ready for tomorrow’s testing and terrain scouting EVA in preparation for the scenario simulation latter this week. It will be an exciting simulation and we are waiting in anticipation. So stay tuned folks!

After last night’s peaceful mindfulness meditation session the crew is eagerly awaiting for a night of relaxation and meditation, of course, after the scheduled movie night. Anyway, no matter what is the activities are conducted it will always be about crew bonding and interactions. Testing human factors and psychology for teams living in isolation and confinement in the extreme environments of Space is essential and of importance if humans want to traverse beyond Earth’s orbit and settle on Mars.This is one of the reason we are here living and working at MDRS. We are the Analog Astronaut family.

Ad Astra!