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Hello Mission Support,
Commander Report
Date: March 19, 2015
Crew Commander Name: Mehdi Scoubeau
As the Innovative Emerging Space Leaders, we are trying for the first time a rotating commandership. It means every 3-4 days we are going to change Commander and Executive Officer. We had our first commandership handover last night and consequently I am now taking over and Mohammad is my XO. I hope we will do as good a job as Jyothi and Susan did during the 3 first days of our simulation.
We had our first EVA using the ATVs today and one of them suddenly stopped working halfway through our destination. I think the crew as a whole dealt amazingly with the situation. The EVA leader successfully assessed the situation and took the safe decision to head back to the Hab by towing the ATV. The other crew members back at the Hab helped us getting back safely on time. That is what simulation is all about and I think we handled that well. 
Tonight is observation night and I am sure the sky will look amazing from here since it was very clear during the day.
Mehdi Scoubeau