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Eva Report


Mohammad Iranmanesh

Eva Number: 3

Eva Date: 03/19/2015

Time Slot: laterAM


Original goal of the EVA was to reach Stacy's Cake (12S 518230 4250720).

Project CRV:

  -Learning how to attach CRV to the ATV

  -Scouting a location used by previous crews to test the same vehicule

Project LOCARD:

  - Stability test of the UAV with extra payload installed (repeater) if enough time.


CREW MEMBERS: Mohammad IRANMANESH (EVA leader) and Mehdi SCOUBEAU (EVA buddy)


DURATION: 1:48 hours


9:59    EVA leaves Airlock

10:22  Engineer check complete

10:42  EVA Departs from HAB

10:53  Check with EVA#3: ATV2 has stopped working.

11:02  No com with EVA#3: out of range?

11:10  Check with EVA#3: ATV issue confirmed. 

11:15  Decision of EVA#3 to return to the HAB

11:23  Check with EVA#3 : OK

11: 35  EVA#3 towed back ATV2 to the HAB 

12:10  Enter HAB


Hab (starting Point)                    : 12S 518230 4250720

Stacy's Cake (Original Target) : 12S 518230 4250720

Waypoint 1                                  : 12S 519004 4251691

Waypoint 2                                  : 12S 518839 4251152

Waypoint 3                                  : 12S 518748 4251084




Picture of GPS tracking is attached (MDRS151_EVA3_03192015_GPSTRACKING.JPG).  

We did not manage to reach original target waypoint (Stacy`s Cake) because of issue with ATV.             

EVA#3 took 20 minutes to attach a suitcase (with the drone in) and the CRV to ATV 1 & 2.         

On our way ATV#2 started having issues. At WAYPOINT#1 it became clear that it had a starter problem and if it was turned off one more time it would be very difficult to turn it on again. We decided to abort the EVA for safety and come back to the HAB within the oxygen limits (2h). At WAYPOINT#2, ATV#2 broke down and it was impossible to turn it ON again.                

We had some communication issues with the HAB, the radio of the EVA leader was working well with the EVA buddy but the HAB could not hear him. Without any information about the capabilities of the ATVs and since EVA#3 was not far from the HAB, it was decided to push the ATV by hand in order to not cause any damage to the working ATV.         

By WAYPOINT#3, Mehdi SCOUBEAU radio was able to communicate with the HAB and we got the information that ATV #1 was powerful enough for towing. We manage to attach ATV#2 to ATV#1 and safely bring it back to the HAB.

EVA#3 was back safe around the HAB with Oxygen left at 11:35. The ATV 1 and 2 were parked and ATV 1, 3 and 4 were refueled. Because of the stress and the effort made in the sun, it was decided to go back in the HAB and not continue with the LOCARD UAV test to avoid dehydration.

The mannequin used for the previous medical EVA was retrieved and brought back to the HAB.