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It was an interesting day for our Crew 151 of Innovative Emerging Space Leaders. For the first time at MDRS we are testing the sharing of commandership during the two week mission. Today was the official commandership hand-over of command from crew member/Greenhab Officer, Jyothi Nookula, to new Commander/Crew Engineer, Medhi Scoubeau. who will take over the station until Sunday when Crew Scientist / co-journalist, Mohammad Iranmanesh  will be the next commander until next Wednesday. The last few days of the mission will be led by Health & Safety Officer /co-journalist, Dr Susan Jewell.

The leadership experiences of Crew 151 and task for this innovative approach in studying different commandership and leadership within a confined and isolated environment will be written in the initial white paper draft report. This will be an evolving project and an on-going study at MDRS.

Today’s EVA involving the testing of the Cliff Reconnaissance Vehicle, CRV, and use of  the ATVs was quite a challenge.  The EVA had to be aborted because of an unexpected ATV problem which could not be fixed. Additionally, it was an extremely hot day with no breeze and the risks of exhaustion and dehydration was a concern for the team. The lessons learned from such simulations demonstrates that no matter how well planned a mission the importance of alternative options or contingency plans should always be considered during a planetary surface exploration far from the safety of the Hab and chance of an immediate rescue.

It will be a beautiful evening tonight with clear skies. So plans for an evening of star gazing  is on the schedule for the crew. Relaxing and enjoying the wonders of this Universe at the Musk Observatory is a special treat for all crews at MDRS.

Until we communicate next time have a joyful evening.

From the Martian Astronauts to all Earthlings

Ad Astra!