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Today was quite strange …strange as we started entering our Altered Universe in Time …it all began last night….
Last night, after our awe-inspiring night of astronomy stargazing in which we located several bright Stars in the blackness of the beautiful night sky we started the Creative Science Space Art project called  “Les Temps Fantomes” in collaboration with French artist Ludwig Pasenau. 
We opened the time-sealed envelope which gave the instructions….
“…Hi Astronauts
Thank you so much for releasing me…It’s been a long time –
Yeah, a long time…..time could be long, sometimes…
So, I’d like to welcome you in this first Universe, which maybe yours tomorrow
As this one is entitled “SLOWNESS”, I’d like to start with a haiku that could maybe affect the density of the air……
Oh, maybe I should…just let me introduce myself.- or at least my hologram:
I am a strange stranger on board
I’m a new kind of phantom. I’m a fiction
I could be called sometimes ‘semionaut”, for the one who navigates among signs
Message from “Fictionaut”:

“…Something really strange happened; I lost the limits of the day
Can't remember when it started...do you remember yours?...”
Response from Martianauts (aka Crew 151)
“…There are no beginnings and there is no end but only the slowness of time where we Wander why we Wonder ... In the darkness of the stillness…”

Until next time
Ad Astra!!!