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EVA Report :

EVA #5

Crew members : Mehdi Scoubeau (EVA leader) and Mohammad Iranmanesh (EVA buddy)

Location : Around the Hab (12S-518230E-425720N)

Time : departure at 2 p.m.

Duration : 1 hour

Purposes :

-       Project LOCARD (Localization and Relay Drone):
o       Stability test of the UAV with extra payload installed (Repeater)
o       Test and record different scenarios and distance

-       Eyewear User Interface for Marsnauts
o       Test #3 and #4 EVA Support with AR glasses (displaying procedures and audio recording).

HabCom : Susan Jewell

Engineer Checks Complete (done in the morning out of sim)

2:17 p.m.: EVA#5 left Airlock
2:18 p.m.: EVA#5 departed
2:51 p.m.: Check-in HabCom
3:00 p.m.: Check-in HabCom
3:20 p.m.: EVA#5 entered Airlock


We tested the recording of audio communications from inside the helmet using the AR Glasses.
We were not able to test the stability of the drone but we improved our skills of control significantly to prepare future EVA.
We also took some photos and videos for the artistic/human factor experiment called Time Capsule since the theme was blue and the sky was amazingly clear today.