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Hello Earth!
The Hab was very calm today. Sadly we had to say goodbye to Jyothi Nookula who, as planned, could only stay one week with our crew and had to leave. First thing she did when back on Earth? She sent a picture of her fresh garden salad to tease us!
We are now only 3 in the Hab. I think the MDRS Hab has never been so calm and quiet. On the positive side: we will probably be able to take showers more than average during our rotation.

This weekend will be about resting for crew 151. We had a short 1h-long EVA to train a bit more with the UAV and take some pictures for the Artistic Human Factor Experiment. 

The mission patch is also done! The unique shape of the crew 151 patch is inspired by the shape of a quadricopter UAV.

Little bit  internet fame for crew 151: We tweeted yesterday the picture of the crew with the IRAN & US flags to wish Anousheh Ansari ( first self-funded woman to fly to the International Space Station) a happy iranian new year. Not only we got a reply (https://twitter.com/AnoushehAnsari/status/579312406435926017) but Ronald Garan (NASA Astronaut) also retweeted the picture (https://twitter.com/Astro_Ron/status/579317488107724801).
Mars has no borders right?