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Hello Earth !
Only three people left in the Hab. As you can imagine, there are a lot of daily tasks to share between us three in addition to our scientific projects. But fortunately we have some of the more efficient crew members ever: see the list of ongoing projects at the MDRS by crew 151:

- Telesurgery Experiment 
The baseline test was done last week. Tomorrow we will do another test to see how much information we have retained. By the end of the week, we will try again this time with instructions on the smart glasses.

- Medical EVA
We had one last week when we tried to save a dummy astronaut. This week, the rescue team will try to localize the astronaut thanks to the onboard camera of our UAV.

- LOCARD (Localization and Radio Relay Drone)
        The concept was proved but too much wind to keep the UAV stable in the air. There was an issue with the small wifi repeater as well, but we have one back up that will have to be set again.

- Cliff Reconnaissance Vehicule/Thingz Module
We encountered some issues with the transport of the CRV. The interesting locations that we had are far. It is really hard to pack, go to the location, unpack and mount the CRV in only 2h.
The modular electronics module by Thingz works well. We managed to easily add humidity and temperature sensors to the CRV to have even more information on the cliffs that are studied. This shows the interest of modular electronics to easily adapt/improve your rover depending on the mission of the day.

- Eyewear User Interface for Mars
Display of Engineering Check Procedures: OK
udio/video recording have been tested.
Chrono/Time left before end of EVA (simulated O2 reserve status): OK
NEW Idea: A wifi camera has been connected to the glasses. So now

- Astronomy Observation
No observation yesterday as it was cloudy and we were tired. But the study of the feasibility of a low cost “Atmosphere Opacity Monitoring System” using the equipment of the Observatory for next year is going well.

- Artistic Project “Les Temps Phantômes”
Each night, the crew watches a surprise video prepared by a French Artist on a different Universe. The day after we try to incorporate in our daily scheduele an artistic creation (video, photo montage, …) on this topic. After “slowness”, “blue” and “archipelago” we had “fantoms” for today. As you can tell by Susan’s Journalist Reports, we really enjoy those creative activities.

- White Paper on Leadership in Extreme Environment
This rotating commandership is a great opportunity to look at other people’s way of leadership and comparing our way to others. We work about 1h every day on the paper. The structure is set and we had some great discussion. I am sure the result will be interesting.

Add to all this Yoga, Meditation and delicious dishes cooked every day!
Cheers from Mars! 

Mohammad IRANMANESH, crew commander