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Commander Report
Date: March 25, 2015
Crew Commander Name: Mohammad IRANMANESH

Hello Mission Support,

Today was a good day. The EVA went very smoothly which showed to the crew the importance of scouting and planification before going out.

We have finally finished configuring the voice recognition on the Optinvent glasses. Tomorrow, the crew engineer will use them to take notes during the engineering check.

We have also found a solution to the stability issue of the UAV with the repeater as extra payload. We are eager to test it tomorrow during EVA#9. Thanks to the weather reports from Mission Support we had planned to do the last test of LOCARD (UAV) tomorrow as it's the day with the lowest wind intensity expected for the week.

The greenhab seems to have issues altough we have been taking care of the plants. It seems like the radishes of the lower shelf are starting to die. More details in the next Greenhab Officer report (Friday).

Tonight we will have the last handover of commandership of our crew. I wish Susan Jewell good luck for these last days on Mars and the trip back to Earth.

I want to end my commandership with a message to all those on Earth that are following our reports and by echoing what astronaut Buzz Aldrin once said: "Get Your A## to Mars"!

Per ardua ad astra!
Crew Commander