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Journalist Report

Susan Jewell MD

Nearing the end of this fantastic mission with Crew 151, Innovative Emerging Space Leaders…and indeed, it has been a really innovative two weeks. The first MDRS crew with only three members and testing out a new leadership strategy the “Rotating Commandership Concept”. Every crew member had an opportunity to be the Commander for a few days during the mission! We must admit that at the beginning of the mission, the idea was a little foreign to us and expectations of success was very doubtful but this has proven to be conversely so…it has worked so well and the experiences of the varies leadership styles have been very educational and interesting. For our crew mix of personalities the strategy has worked really well.

Tonight is the final official hand-over of Crew Commandership from current Commander Mohammad Irananmesh to veteran MDRS Commander, Dr Susan Jewell. The ceremony was celebrated with high noon tea ceremony where the crew drank specialty tea and ate freshly baked bread covered with lashings of butter, peanut butter and strawberry jam (a very British “thing”). Still the crew felt a little melancholy and contemplative as we realized there are only a few days left and still so much we want to accomplish. Mars Sol days seems very short when you are constantly challenged with news ideas, concepts and the excitement of an ‘epiphany” emerging from a nebulous energy source that can spark the human creativity and ignite the mind’s curiosity and compulsion to explore, discover and open the Truths…the Knowledge of Everything. Crew 151 of Analog Astronauts are a cornucopia of epiphanies!

Today…continuing the Creative Space project ”Les Temps Fantomes”, from Space Artist, LUDWIG.

Today, we are traveling in the “GARDEN” Universe….

“…What could be the Explorer’s garden?

A place for activity?

An idea?

A temporality?

A place to look at the time flow?

A wild intent?

A mediator?

There are unlikely clouds…

Seen only once by a very small number of observers

Only known from Inuit or Hopi Indians and other attentive watchers of the Garden from above.

Could black holes and neutron stars compose aa Garden?

One day I came to the clouds

Above the ocean

Struck by the strangeness of a sparkling and wavy carpet

Drawing lines to Infinity

To an imaginary point beyond the seas and continents

To an Unknown World,

Immediately reachable, but so distant yet…

Later I learned that this cloud was named “Atmocumulus radiates perlucidus”

Man can expect new ways of gardening now

A place for metamorphosis?

I have to renew my Garden

I hope you have one, or maybe you could create one tomorrow?...”

From Martianauts:
The Stars are our garden
Like in every garden there are a lot of Wormholes
They made us wander from one Universe to the other..
Could quark and proton compose a garden?
Our minds are expanding
We are drifting…drifting…drifting…
…always further but closer at the same time from our Universe of origin

From Fictionaut:

Hello Driftinauts,

Drifting you are in this stillness atmosphere, so they are on their heavy
ground… the millions of grains of sand in the desert are like stars in the
universe...Is the atmosphere is possible between the grains?

Perdu papillon..
entré attire…
I hope soon very soon we will see literally bend the light…

“…Comme l’intersection de deux lignes de part et d’autre d’un même point,
après leur traversée dans l’infini, se retrouvent soudain de l’autre côté,
ou que l’image d’un miroir concave, après s’être éloignée dans l’infini,
revient soudain juste devant nous, il en va de même pour la connaissance
qui, après avoir traversé l’infini, retrouve la grâce…”

in this crossing, the atmosphere is lighter if it is colored of Singularity…

if it is dotted with speckles, smells, and even pixel wave.

…hazarda tradukado.

From Planet Mars to Planet Earth...Have a beautiful Garden.
Crew 151...Ad Astra.