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EVA Report:


Crew members: Mohammad Iranmanesh (EVA leader), Mehdi Scoubeau and Susan Jewell

Location: Around the Hab (12s-518230-4250720)

Time: departure at 10:32 a.m.

Duration: 54 min


-        LOCARD: use of a UAV as communication relay and localization tool.
-        EMUI: use of voice recognition to take notes during Engineering Check.

10:15 a.m. : EVA leaves Airlock
10:32 a.m. : Engineer Checks Complete
10:35 a.m. : EVA departs
11:26 a.m. : Enter Airlock


The voice recognition during engineering check did not work, probably because of backpack noise.

The wifi Access Point was set outside the hab. The crew lost connection with this Access Point about 100m of the Hab because of a small hill. The UAV with a wifi repeater was used to gain connection back with the HAB. The experiment was successful. There was no wind so the UAV was much more stable.

LOCARD was also use to localize a dummy injured astronaut behind a hill. The test was successful.

Mohammad Iranmanesh