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Journalist Report


A (very) little bit of everything today!

Last night, short observation at the Musk Observatory. The sky was clear but the moon too bright in the direction of interest. We will miss that sky back on Earth.

The day started with a short but successful one-hour-long EVA around the Hab: The radio communication relay on the UAV worked great. We have to admit that the calm wind helped a lot.

Even the cooking was reduced to its minimum as the Belgians of the crew tried Macaroni and cheese for the first time. Did they like it? Let’s just say that crew 151 is happy to leave some more Mac & Cheese in the food cabinet for crew 152.

Finally, crew 151 proved once again that they deserve the “innovative” in “Innovative Emmerging Space Leaders” as they used a UAV inside the HAB to assist a Dr Jewell with her telesurgery experiment.

Tomorrow will be the last the of our simulation. We are very happy with what we manage to achieve despite being such a small crew. The atmosphere in the hab is as joyfull and energizing as it was on the first day.

Talking about "Atmosphere", today’s creative Universe was “Atmosphere”:

More than providing breathable air and protection us from solar radiation, what if the biggest benefit of Earth's Atmosphere was to hide the Stars during the day so that Humans do not feel small and insignificant when they are awake?

Crew 151 wishes you a sky as beautiful as ours.