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///Begin transmission///
  The second day of simulation for crew 152B got off to a good start with everyone having breakfast together and Liz putting out the plan for the day. Arwhil was assisted with his engineering rounds by Melody. The crew was informed that we were starting to get low on fuel and that future EVAs could be impacted if we aren't resupplied soon.
  After the engineering rounds, the crew prepared for the ATV EVA of the day. Today marked the first EVA for Hannah and Arwhil so the crew made sure that a lessons learned from the day before, like using a carabiner to help tether a camera to your suit helped prevent it from falling. The crew consisting of Liz, Crystal, Arwhil, and Hannah set out to conduct collection of water samples, as well as collect geology samples.
  Meanwhile, back at the HAB, Melody and Dave took on the challenge of making bread for the crew. Melody taught Dave how she used to make bread back on the farm she grew up on. While the bread was baking, they cooked up some chilli and french onion soup for the crew to enjoy after the EVA.
  After the EVA, the crew had a warm lunch, that had the late addition of Velveeta quesadillas! The quesadillas went well with the soups.
  In the afternoon, the crew spent time working on individual projects and planning for future EVAs. Weather permitting, the crew plans on conducting some astronomy activities this evening.

///End transmission///