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///Begin transmission///
  Day three of simulation for crew 152B began with breakfast, coffee and music selection by Crystal. Cmdr Liz informed the crew of the events of the day, most notably, that members of the media would be stopping by to observe the crew. In preparation for our media day, a the crew carried out a good cleaning of the HAB. Once the HAB was cleaned, work on individual projects began, as well as preparation for the afternoon EVA.
  The crew's lunch consisted of leftovers from the previous days. Once lunch was completed, the crew made a few last minute preparations for the EVA. A crew consisting of David, Arwhil, and Crystal departed the HAB and travelled on foot to conduct the EVA. While on the EVA, Crystal was able to collect soil samples, and David was able to test out his rover on different terrain from previous. The crew then returned to the HAB.
  Later in the afternoon, a media crew from Las Vegas, Nv, came out to the HAB to interview the crew, and see the day to day actives. Their timing worked perfectly as they showed up in time to observe engineering rounds. After a few interviews and filming of the crew in action, the media team departed.
  A very full and busy day is coming to a close, with dinner currently being prepared. Crew 152 is eager for the challenges of tomorrow.

///End transmission///