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Commander’s Report 9 April 2015

Wow! The time on analog Mars flies by just like it does on Earth. We cannot believe it is already Thursday. What a great day we have had today. We woke to David’s music and then jumped into action.

We did receive the water delivery during the night, but we did not receive any fuel for the ATVs.

 The wind finally died down today and we had beautiful weather for our morning EVA. Melody, David, Crystal and I suited up and headed out on the ATVs to Little Canyon. The area we visited is approximately one mile from the HAB and is exactly what it is called, a little canyon. Once again, as with every terrain around MDRS, the geological formations were vast and beautiful. Crystal was so excited to see an obvious graded bed along the canyon wall. The wall also had various sections of cross bedding. She took measurements of height and width as well as strike and dip. She also collected some soil and rock samples to analyze back at the HAB. We assisted her with the measurements and the collection of samples. Crystal did not find any gypsum in the canyon which she was hoping to do but was thrilled with finding the graded bed and conglomerate rock. Our time in the canyon lasted about two hours and then we headed back to the HAB for an easy lunch.

This afternoon, Crystal worked with her soil and rock samples in the lab. Arwhil continued to take readings from his solar panels. The rest of the crew worked on project reports and presentations. Everyone did have some downtime this afternoon to rejuvenate for the evening.

I do want to note that after CapCom last night, Melody led us in an astronomy activity. We were able to view Sirius, Vega, Canapus and Cheleb. We also viewed, Venus. Our hope is to try again tonight and attempt to look at more if the view is clear.

Winding down another epic day here on analog Mars.

Quote of the Day:  “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”   ---Francis of Assisi

Liz Painter, RN, BSN
LVN/CNA Simulation Lab Instructor
McLennan Community College
Waco, Texas