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/// Begin transmission ///
 The morning of the fifth day in simulation for crew 152B began with a jolt of energy, as crew member David got to play his choice of music for breakfast. The crew was awakened to the sounds of White Zombies' Electric Head. As the crew enjoyed the soothing sounds along with coffee and shortening bread, Cmdr Liz shared the plan of the day. Awrhil conducted his engineering rounds and brought back great news, a resupply of water had arrived at some point last night! This was great news because the crew wanted to ensure that an adequate amount of water was left for the crew that will be relieving us.
  The EVA for the day called for the crew to travel via ATVs. For the EVA, Crystal would be collecting rock and soil samples, so David left behind his rover in order to assist. A crew consisting of Liz, Crystal, Melody, and David set out for the EVA, leaving Hannah and Arwhil to work on projects.
  When the crew returned from the EVA, they were welcomed to the smell of fresh quesadillas and warmed up left overs. As the crew enjoyed lunch, they discussed individual projects as well as any preparations that need to be made for the arrival of guests tomorrow.
  Throughout the day, local visitors could be seen from the windows of the HAB. The weather held up pretty well and for once, the winds weren't blowing hard.
  The crew is settling in for evening finishing up reports, and data evaluation for projects. With one day of simulation remaining, the crew hopes to make the best of this great opportunity.

/// End transmission ///