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Journalist Report
David Moran

/// Begin transmission ///

  Today marked the final day for Crew 152B at MDRS. We were joined by the students from the Dine College for breakfast, where we shared coffee, pancakes, and stories about our cultures. After breakfast we took the time to finish cleaning up in preparation for our turn over with UCL To Mars Team.
  After lunch, Cmdr Liz and Arwhil met with the UCL team and brought them to the HAB. After a few introductions, the teams, broke up into small groups to go over the day to day events, and the do's and don'ts of living in the HAB. ATV training and report writing took up the bulk of the time.
  As the sun begins to set on MDRS, so does the time for Crew 152B, we are grateful for the wonderful opportunity that this has been, and wish UCL to Mars Team, the best of luck!
  From the Mars Desert Research Station, this is Crew 152B, signing off.

/// End transmission ///