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04-04-2015 Journalist & Photography Report
Entry from last night’s activities after the COMM WINDOW (04-03-2015):
Last night’s dinner was fun. We made Shepard’s Pie from a Crew 101 Recipe (thank you, Christine). Afterwards, we wrapped up the evening preparing for Daniel from Vice.com<http://Vice.com> to visit MDRS. Following clean-up and Capcom, we rounded out the night with a movie and Karen’s Blueberry Oatmeal Crumble…her desserts are always a treat.
We each grabbed a quick breakfast today as we settled into cleaning the HAB for our McLennan Community College peers, Crew 152B, who will arrive later tonight. We also packed our belongings, went to the Post Office in Hanksville to mail research samples and supplies home, and grab a welcome out-of-sim lunch at Stan’s Burgers. We all enjoyed fast-food deliciousness.
Daniel with Vice.com<http://Vice.com> met us at Stan’s Burgers. We visited awhile about his article and then led him out to the HAB. Liz, Sam, Lori and Luis worked together to show Daniel the HAB and explain the Mars Society mission. Later in the day, we all gathered upstairs at the kitchen table and had a group discussion about Daniel’s planned questions. He left mid-afternoon. We then settled into cleaning the HAB and making plans to help ease Crew 152B’s transition into the Mars environment. We have written our reports and will guide our peers through the COMM WINDOW with Mission Support.
Tonight, our dinner plans are dependent on when the other crew arrives. We’re hoping to prepare and enjoy dinner with them, but the timing of their arrival will control how that works out. Either way, we’ll make sure there is something prepared for them. We plan to relax for our travel home and enjoy a relaxing day out-of-sim.
Sam selected today’s quote:
“There are dark shadows on the Earth, but its lights are stronger in contrast.” ~ Charles Dickens
Our Crew 152A mission is over, and it has been an educational and fun learning experience. I am hopeful that I can return next year.
Drew Canham
Journalist, Photographer, Astronomer and Commander-in-Training