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Commander's Report
Date: April 13, 2015
Crew Commander Name: Bastien MATHURIN

Hello Earth,

We woke up this morning at 8:30 am in order to rest before the beginning of our two weeks of simulation. We began the simulation today around 11:00 am after a small ride to Hanksville: we had to take a post package and some drugs for our crew journalist, Romain, who doesn't feel very well since yesterday evening: he has a sore throat.

During the afternoon, everyone worked on their experiment. For example, Florian created a media for the growing of bacteria that he will pick up during tomorrow's EVA, Auriane worked on her localization tool using a wheelbarrow and Gaspard helped her to weld some electrical wires. I went on EVA with Florian in order to find an old streambed and I already took some measurements about the geometry of this past river. Romain was too sick to come outside with me today, so we have chosen to shorten the EVA. Martin had a problem last night using the musk observatory: the telescope's motor control does not work. He is therefore in touch with Peter Detterline to solve this issue.

Concerning the issue about the supply of water inside the hab, nothing has evolved since yesterday's CapCom. It seems that the pump should be replaced but it won't be done soon. We will then try to do our best with our Crew Engineer's temporary solution. This issue maybe came while the AC and microwave were both used at the same time.

Last but not least we had the opportunity today to adopt two small pets: a small scorpion found inside the hab (it seems not to be the first one according to crew 152B) and a mouse. It was a really great day on Mars!

Ad astra!