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///Begin transmission///

Journalist report


Hello Earth,

Today was quite a rouhg day, but I'll try to report it the best I can. I have actually been sick the entire day (sore throat - headache - stomach ache),  I am still sick now and I only stepped out of my room during a few hours. Therefore I am not qualified to talk about events I haven't been part of but, that's how it works. 

We woke up at 8:30 this morning, ate self-made bread and cornflakes, and everybody began to work on their experiments, except Pat and Bastien, who headed to Hanksville because they had to buy drugs for me and pick up a post package. We began the simulation at midday, and each one of us made some progress in the realisation of their experiments. 

Florian began to create the media he will have to use tomorrow when he'll collect bacteria during an EVA, Gaspard and Auriane worked on a localization tool by welding electronical wires on a wheelbarrow. Concerning Bastien, he had to go on EVA with me but my disease prevented me from going outside, so he chose 
Florian to replace me. They took some measurements in a dried up river but on the way back Bastien experienced some problems with his backpack and ran out 
of water so they shortened the expedition, the heat was becoming unbearable.

There is still a problem with the pump of the station, so we don't have running water inside the HAB. We sorted things out, but we are impatiently waiting
for its reparation. Meanwhile, the atmosphere remains positive : we will taste shepherd's pie tonight - french restaurant Ritz never felt so close (if we consider that you may encounter a scorpion and a mouse in the Ritz, which we experienced this morning). 

Ad astra!

Romain Compère
Crew Journalist, crew 153.

///End of transmission///