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Engineering Report

Date: 14 April 2015

Crew Engineer Name: Touwaide Gaspard

(report daily) Diesel 48 %

(report daily) Propane 50%

(report daily) Gasoline 14 gal

(report daily) Water (trailer) 100 cm

(report daily) Water (static) 73 cm

(report daily) Trailer to Static Pump used yes

(report daily) Water (loft) 28 gallons

(report daily) Static to Loft Pump used no

Atv 2 & 3 used
Atv # Oil Checked: OK
Atv # Fuel Used Gals: 1/10 tank
Atv # Tires Status: OK
Atv # Hours Used Day: 30 min
Atv # Notes And Comments:

(report daily) Summary of Engineering activities: Everything work fine except boost pump

(report daily) Questions and Concerns to Mission Support: --