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Commander's Report
Date: April 15, 2015
Crew Commander Name: Bastien MATHURIN

Hello Earth,

We spent a good day on Mars. Today Florian and I are in charge of the cooking. We are going to make a chili with tortillas. I hope it will be as tasty as yesterday's pizzas!

We had requested an EVA for today. There were two objectives for this EVA: Auriane did the preliminary measurements (with her susceptibilimeter) she didn't have had the time to do yesterday due to the wind and Gaspard tried his raspberry pi in order to measure a wifi signal intensity. The first objective was perfectly achieved but I can't say the same of the second one. There was actually a bug with the raspberry pi and the measurements have not been saved. This issue should be solved now and the system should be operational for the next EVA about Gaspard's experiment. The weather was not perfect at all but we decided not to cancel the EVA because it took place just next to the station.

Despite the treatment given taken by Romain, his health was not getting any better. We've therefore decided to break the simulation this afternoon to visit a doctor with him. We went in the clinic of Lao and Romain received a radical treatment for his throat infection. All the crew wishes him good luck for the next days! The simulation has just been recovered.

Concerning the technical issues we had previously, there are small changes for the water supply in the Hab. The behavior of the pump seems a bit hazardous and not really reliable. The pump seemed to work again (for no meaningful reason) but after two hours of use, the pump almost caught fire. We will therefore use it under control and only for specific applications: showers and restrooms. Otherwise, the pump will be shut down. For obvious safety concerns, we will continue to use our Crew Engineer's temporary solution as detailed in previous reports for the general water supply in the Hab.

On the other hand, the crew is still in high spirits and will stay in this mood whatever the issues that we may encounter in the next days.

Ad astra!