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Eva Report
Martin Evrard
Eva Number:
Eva Date:
15 April 2015
Time Slot:
Mesurements of magnetic suceptibility along straights lines. Detection
of variations of magnetic susceptibility on about 0.2 miles.
Communication signal mapping.
We went out the decompression lock on time : 9:00 am. The sky was
cloudy and the sunny moments were real presents. We began the
measurements of susceptibility just in front of the base. 30 minutes
later, we began to make measurements of the intensity of a wi-fi
signal for Gaspard's experiment. Unfortunately, the device shut down
and Bastien (in the base) had to put the Gaspard's pc in the lock for
the restart of the device. 2O minutes later, the wi-fi shut-down once
again. This problem and the cold weather lead us to shorten our EVA.
Despite all the problems, we got some usefull results.
Eva Depart Time:
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