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Eva Report
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Middle pm
Mesurements of magnetic suceptibility.
Test of the localization system.
Communication signal mapping.

Because of the weather, the initial EVA plan was changed: instead of going far away with the ATVs in order to take hydraulic measurements, we stayed close to the base to work on Auriane's and Gaspard's experiments. We went out of the decompression lock at 3:43 pm. The sky was cloudy but it had stopped raining and there was no wind.
We made three types of measurements today: magnetic susceptibility, wifi intensity and distance measurements. The new experiment was the one on localisation: our goal is to be able to map the path used by the astronauts during their EVA without using a GPS. Therefore we use a system of two wheels with 4 hall sensors connected to Gaspard's raseberry-pi. We got some data but we didn't have time to treat them yet and unfortunately we think that the hall sensors may have not worked properly. We went a few hundred meters from the base then back in a loop, Auriane took magnetic susceptibility measurements on the way, especially in a dry stream-bed. Gaspard's wifi captor was on the whole time in order to take measurements too. Then we headed back to the base in the generator zone so that Gaspard could map the zone more precisely.
Finally we went back to the hab at 16:30

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