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Commander's Report
Date: April 20, 2015
Crew Commander Name: Bastien MATHURIN

Hello Earth,

We had a great time on Mars today. The sun shown his face during the whole day, and temperatures increase more and more. Gaspard and Auriane are in charge of today's cooking, and they're cooking Mars Marinara. This is a recipe found in the "Mars Home Cooking" book, written by the Students and Faculty of McLennan Community College. As appetizer, they're also cooking tuna peach. Who says that Martian food is not tasty at all?

We split ourselves in two groups this mooring. Florian, Romain and I went outside for an EVA whereas Martin, Gaspard and Auriane stayed inside the Hab. They worked on the short film we're making about our life in the station. They actually finished to write the scenario during this morning. We spent all the afternoon to make some video sequences. We should be able to finish it this evening. We'll send our film at tomorrow's CapCom. It was a great afternoon for the relations between the crew members. The atmosphere was really positive.

As listed hereinabove, we had requested an EVA for today, using the ATVs.  We went at the same places as before in order to pick soil samples for Florian's experiment. Romain took also some video sequences for his video-novel experiment.

We also did a big mistake today: we forget disconnecting one computer yesterday evening. As a conclusion we only had 100 MB for the whole day. At the end of the afternoon, we reach 0 MB ... One cell phone was switched on during all the day. We will try to avoid this mistake in the future.

On the other hand, as I always mentioned, the crew is still in high spirits!

Ad astra!