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//Begin transmission///

Romain Compère

20 April 2015

Journalist report

Hi Earth!

Today was an unusual day on Mars, especially for me. We woke up at
8:30, ate breakfast at 9:00 and Bastien, Florian and myself went out
on EVA : Florian had to take new samples (again) that were located
near an old streambed for his experiment and I had to shoot scenes for
my movie (scenes of somebody taking samples on Mars, isn’t that
incredible?). As the streambed was quite far away from the base, we
had to use the ATV’s. The landscape during the ride was incredible,
the desolated Martian terrain was very impressive and we had the
feeling to be ridiculously small among all these huge red rocks.

Meanwhile at the base Martin, Auriane and Gaspard were organizing the
shooting of a video of presentation of the base. At our return, they
explained us during lunch the role we had to play, and we spent a part
of the afternoon filming different scenes, which was very nice! We
will show it to you as soon as possible.

Concerning our experiments, the main concern we have is actually
Martin’s one. He is experiencing severe technical issues and is not
sure to be able to lead his experiment until the finish. We hope the
best for him. All the other ones are progressing. Florian’s one is
especially spectacular, we see every day new petri dishes appearing on
his desk with different colors.

Tonight we will enjoy a “Mars marinara”, a recipe invented by a
previous crew. Let’s see if we can cook it as well as they did it.

Our thoughts go to our family and friends. Between a week we will be
back on Earth but we don’t really know how to feel about that!

Ad astra!

Romain Compère,

Crew journalist, crew 153.

///End of transmission///