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Commander's Report
Date: April 21, 2015
Crew Commander Name: Bastien MATHURIN

Hello Earth,

Today was a great day on Mars. The sun shines during the whole day, and temperatures are still increasing. Martin and Romain are in charge of today's cooking, and they're trying something new: a variety of meats, stewed apples and potato gratin. We're all hoping that this new recipe will be as tasty as it looks like. The days are running more and more and it seems that the Martian food is better from day to day.

We spent a calm day on Mars today. Martin, Florian and Auriane went out the Hab today in order to take magnetic susceptibility measurements at a new location. Florian also pick up soil samples at the same place. This EVA was really useful and the measured data are good. They will be analyzed during tomorrow's day on Mars.

Meanwhile Romain, Gaspard and I stayed inside the Mars Analog Habitat in order to finish the post-processing of our video. It is about the life in the station and the activities that can be done near and inside the MDRS. It was pretty funny to film it.

Concerning the atmosphere inside the Hab, it is evolving better and better. The relations are good between the crew members and the links have been strengthen with the scenes we have filmed. The whole crew is enjoying his stay on Mars.

Ad astra!