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Eva Report
Martin Evrard
Eva Number:
Eva Date:
21 April 2015
Time Slot:
Measurements of electric conductivity of the ground.
Today was another sunny day. We walked out of the decompression lock
at 10:03 and took the ATVs to go to the dry river. Once there Auriane
took electric conductivity measurements. She wanted to compare them
with her previous measurements at the same spot. She thought that she
would find lower values today because the soil should have dried. But
actually it appeared to be still quite wet and today's measurements
turned out to be quite similar as the previous ones. Florian and I
helped her too take her measurements.

Then we headed back towards the station and arrived just in time to
eat a delicious “Mars marinara”.
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Measurements of electric conductivity
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Measurements of electric conductivity
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