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Eva Report
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The purpose of this EVA is to shoot a scene for Romain's film. Romain and Bastien will need to find a spot where there is less plants as possible, such a place should be found just a few hundred meters North of the base. Gaspard will take wifi intensity measurements to test a new directional antenna. We took ATVs to welcome the journalists.

During the afternoon, we planned an EVA from 2:00 pm up to 4:00 pm. Due to media constraints, we finally went out at 3:00 pm and get back at 5:00 pm. During this EVA we made hydraulic measurements for my experiment, we took soil samples for Florian's experiment and we also used the ATVs in order to please the Belgian media. Gaspard took the opportunity to make some measurements for his experiment about the intensity of wifi waves. We just did a small turn around the station so that they could film us: they were impressed by the ATVs and the landscape around the station.

During our short ride on the ATVs, we encountered an important issue: while riding slowly on the road, my EVA helmet that was strongly fixed behind me on my ATV broke suddenly, without any valuable reason (no shock, no rock ...). We're therefore thinking that the protocol consisting of taking the EVA helmet with us during an EVA with ATV is not convenient at all. We think that using only the ATV helmet when going outside with the ATVs is much easier and secure for the equipment. We only have 3 EVA helmets available for future EVAs. We're really sorry that we broke this helmet today and we just would like to explain you that it was absolutely not our fault. We just tried to follow the protocols as good as possible.
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