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Commander's Report
Date: April 23, 2015
Crew Commander Name: Bastien MATHURIN

Hello Earth,

Today was a quiet day on Earth. The weather was perfect: it was sunny during the whole day but temperatures were not too high. Making a short turn outside this morning while in EVA was really pleasant. Martin and Gaspard are in charge of today's cooking, and they're making pancakes.

Today was less active than previous days. We woke up later this morning, at 9:30 am in order to rest ourselves. Yesterday was a long day and we were completely tired. We just spent all the day working on our experiments.

I went outside with Auriane from 10:00 am up to midday. The objective of the EVA was to reach an old streambed in order to perform electric conductivity measurements for Auriane's experiment. In the meantime, I measured the geometry of this dry river for my own experiment. We took the ATV and no issue has to be reported. This EVA was useful for both experiments and we're still working on the data we obtained in order to get new results.

Tomorrow is our last day of simulation. We'll request our last EVA in order to finish all our experiments before we leave the station. Our stay on Mars is just wonderful.

Ad astra!