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Eva Report
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The purpose of this EVA will be to take hydraulic measurements of a river bed that we spotted two days ago. Bastien will use a telemeter and a string to measure the dry river bed. Auriane will also take electric conductivity measurements in a river bed in order to compare them to the measurements taken in a different river.
I went outside with Auriane from 10:00 am up to midday. The objective of the EVA was to reach an old streambed in order to perform electric conductivity measurements for Auriane's experiment. In the meantime, I measured the geometry of this dry river for my own experiment. We took the ATV and no issue has to be reported. This EVA was useful for both experiments and we're still working on the data we obtained in order to get new results.
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Hydraulic and electric conductivity measurements
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Hydraulic and electric conductivity measurements
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