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///Begin transmission///

Journalist report

24 April 2015

Hello Earth,

Today was already our last day of simulation, and tomorrow will be our last day in the Hab. The atmosphere has already changed: people have begun to pack their suitcase and to clean up their room. Nevertheless it’s been a great day on Mars: we woke up at 8:00 a.m. and ate breakfast. Gaspard, Martin and I went out on EVA at 10:00 a.m. (the shortest EVA we ever made, 25 min.), I filmed a few scenes and Gaspard realized some extra tests for his experiment and it was already over. We stayed 5 more minutes looking at the landscape before we came back, it was the last time we’d use our space suit. Soon, we will be no more martionauts. 

During the afternoon, Bastien made the whole inventory of the food remaining at the base. It took him hours. Florian realized 30 gram stainings and finished the observation of the bacteria on selective media, Auriane and Gaspard worked on their experimental results, Martin wrote his report and I filmed some scenes inside. We also cleaned up a bit the station but it’s not over. 

Tonight Bastien and I will cook some chili and jalapeño rice. It will be our last dinner cooked with freeze-dried food. One thing we can say after two weeks is that once you read the instructions, it can’t be bad, it’s nearly as good as normal food!

Ad astra!

Romain Compère, 

Crew journalist, crew 153

///End transmission///