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///Begin transmission///

Journalist report


Hello Earth!

Our second day was a bit rushed, but started with beautiful morning. We tried dry eggs in powder for a first time. Nobody believed it’s really gonna taste like eggs, but after everybody tried out the omelette, the opinion changed - it was very tasty. Right after the breakfast we started to shoot our movie. Today we stayed inside and filmed scenes in the rooms. It was hard for film crew to get in with both cameras and lights due to super confined space, but they managed it quite ok. The scenes are pretty funny and it looks good on the camera too. I myself was in two scenes today, during the shooting we made few changes in the script and I guess it went better.

We had little bit chaotic lunch because of filming. Film crew ate outside by their caravan and we had just some salad and soup. Therefore we are looking forward to make our hot dinner after it gets dark and filming ends. 

The sleep was little bit tough cause our beds are hard and we used our groundsheets for filming purposes, but we have to get used to it. Crew member health officer is looking much more better than yesterday, when she got sick. Crew member resting through out the day and I think will be good tomorrow.  

The atmosphere in the hub is good and creative. We are looking forward to film outside in our suits.

Ad Astra!

Tereza Nvotova

Crew journalist, crew 154

///End of transmission///