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Commander crew 154 to Capcom,

Reminder - we are not in simulation, we are outreach and filming crew


Crew is in good shape, all MDRS systems nominal.

Most of the day was dedicated to filming. Crew is performing great. A bit of refreshing rain and the air humidity that raised to around 50% helped improving the hab internal working environment. It would be great to have a rain water collection tank for purposes of saving resources / e.g., to be used for toilet flushing.

DG brought new water supplies during the night yesterday.

Film crew is also doing well, we hope they will keep up with the energy / especially our sound director and his arms on the microphone boom.


Forecast sais a bit lower temperatures for next few days, muddy desert may force us for more hab maintenance.

Next day plans are similar to past with short sortie. We may start slowing down the filming speed but its it is all in director's hand. The team cohesion is really good.