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///Begin transmission///

Journalist report


Hello Earth!

I’ve got almost nothing new today. It was cloudy weather and rain, so a bit impossible to walk outside in the mud. We were shooting interior scenes from the morning. We were also doing some improvisation during the scenes so it was fun in the end. Everybody would like to have a day off, but according to the plan we don’t have time for that. Fortunately we are not afraid anymore of not making the whole movie here. There’s still nine days of filming left, which is not much, but we already made a lot of stuff. There’s a little fear that the weather stays cloudy as it is now, but the forecast says it get’s better tomorrow and gonna be sunny on Thursday. If not, we have to change some scenes to this more dramatic visual atmosphere. 

The mood is better than yesterday even we have to film till 10 PM. We’re like a family now, nobody is shy anymore to express himself openly and it creates very funny situations in between the actions. 

Ad Astra!

Tereza Nvotova

Crew journalist, crew 154

///End of transmission///